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Personal & Business Credit Consulting

We all want to be pre-approved for that new house, new car, new credit card and have financial freedom.  

Stop pushing it off & let's get started today! 

Say goodbye for good to:

  • Negative Marks on your credit report

  • Late Payments

  • Obsolete Collection Accounts  

  • Inaccuracies

  • Evictions

  • Repo's

  • Bankruptcy

  • Medical Bills

  • Even Student Loans!

Those items are keeping you back from mortgage loan approvals, credit card approvals, a new car and refinancing opportunities.  

Stop playing catch up and work smarter.  

Make your money work for you! 

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More reasons we're the best

Every one has had their fair share of credit disappointment, drowning in debt and being miserable all while working a job or jobs.  It wasn't until I was denied for a mortgage loan that I wised up.  I figured I had a pretty good situation; I worked full time at a hospital with benefits and did overtime quite often.  I was current on all of my bills and my car loan was in excellent standing.  There was no way I would get denied, right? WRONG!


I was denied due to a workers comp bill being illegally reported to a third-party credit agency.  

And here's the thing: It was the hospital's error.  It cost me 147 points.  I was devastated.  

My mentor, Cordell Liggins (, posted about this program and I signed up.  Not only did it reverse the points, but my credit score went through the roof!  

I partnered with his credit restoration agents ASAP!  

I've made it my business to be transparent in helping others overcome the credit issues and qualify for the nicer things in life.  You work hard, time to work smart. You deserve it.


Get Your Buyers Qualified for Pre-Approvals and CLOSE THE DEAL!!

Nothing is more sweet than getting the CLEAR TO CLOSE!!

  • Within 4-5 months, they'll have a major credit score boost on all three bureaus

  • Financial Literacy and Planning is available to them as well

  • Budgeting Tools available

  • Negative Items and Outdated Items = GONE! 

  • No Disputes that Underwriters FLAG! 

Brittany B. The Realtor
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